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Introducing the new Pulsar Sensor operated Flush Valve. Pulsar’s minimal number of internal parts and pre-packaged assembly allows it to be installed about 50% faster than the competition, while also being easier to service. Because its made by Delany, Pulsar is completely adjustable in the field. With it’s  new state-of-the-art US manufactured solenoid, the Pulsar has achieved over 400,000 operations on a single battery.

Martin Laverty, Delany Products

The New Flushboy Ultra
October will mark the redesign of the new Flushboy. October we will introduce the new Flushboy Ultra. With a whole new look, a clean modern design along with all the standard featurers that the Flushboy has been known for. Flushboy Ultra is retrofittable to any existing intallation in the field.

John Piancastelli, Pennoni & Associates
New Web site looks great !! I was having trouble viewing it with internet explorer.....So I switched to Google I have no problems !!

Dave Rothenberg VP, A+ Installations, New York
We are licensed master plumbers in NY and did a job with a competitors flush valve, only to find that the client was experiencing a disturbing water hammer. We tried another valve but to no avail. After the installation of the new Saber valve, we found the condition to be completly satisfactory to the general contractor and the school, where this job took place.

Martin Laverty, Delany Products
Well after months of hard work our new Website is up. I must recommend using Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9. Any Internet Explorer under version 9 does not support HTML5

John Lee, PIR Sales
I've accessed the website several times and from what I can see it's very easy to maneuver, especially in comparison to other web sites I've had to work with. Everything seems to be there and readily accessible.

Martin Laverty
To all of you testing our new Website (thank you) please let us know if you find something not working or if you would like to see something added.

Martin Laverty
Delany Products
We had a great show at the ASPE 2012 Convention and Exposition in Charlotte North Carolina.